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Katherine founded Deviant Desserts to combine her love for art, anatomy and science, and desserts. Her creations are not only delicious, they are hand crafted works of art. Her work typically elicits strong emotional reactions from her customers and fans - from adoration and love to repulsion and disgust. She uses her cakes and chocolates to push boundaries, reveal the unseen, and challenge the status quo. 
Growing up, she lived all over the
world - Italy, Korea, Germany, and all over the US from coast to coast. She completed her undergraduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design where she studied illustration and sculpting. She developed a passion for anatomy of the human body and earned her B.S. in Nursing from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. While studying
maternal health she learned that ‘placenta’ in Greek means flat cake. During that class she was inspired to bake her first cake
– the placenta cake. She completed her nursing program with high distinction and became a Registered Nurse. After several roles in nursing, she began to
intentionally pursue the dream of Deviant Desserts. She was motivated by her love for art, keen eye for anatomy, and joy of
baking. The cakes and chocolates allow her to bring her
eclectic background together as she sculpts the chocolate and cakes into incredible works of art. Thus, Deviant Desserts was born.
Her career exploded given this unique combination of talent. She fully embraces her role as an artist and chocolatier. She has been the feature story for articles and media from all over the world in different languages. Notably, she has been featured on The Harry Connick Jr. Show, NY Post, BuzzFeed, and numerous viral videos on social media.  

Katherine operates Deviant Desserts with her husband, Mark, who is also a firefighter for the
City of Rochester. They are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.

Deviant Desserts is located at 5 Railroad St. in Victor NY. 


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Appearance on the Harry Connick Jr. Show 2016

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